The Iceberg Model


Nov 12, 2019—West Kelowna, BC:  If Indigenous resurgence is an iceberg, policy change and activism are the visible tip, while relationship and connection are the massive piece beneath the surface.


The colonial legacy of fragmented relationships and internalized oppression is at the root of the lateral violence in our communities and families that undermines our best efforts at resurgence.

When we can’t fight back against the person or people who are pushing us down, then we fight back against those who we can fight with, those who we have equal power with, or over.



Are you witness to lateral violence in your team, organization, community, family? Is infighting slowing or inhibiting progress towards program goals? Is staff retention suffering because of workplace heaviness and fighting amongst staff or community?


Champions of Change is leadership training that invites you to personally experience and practice change. We coach you to strengthen your capacity for healthier relationships and stronger connections; to reclaim your innate power and agency. The goal is to create culturally safe spaces for community building that support movement towards positive systemic change. We will share lessons on:


  • Establishing credibility so people can hear your message without defensiveness
  • Useful tips for conflict transformation
  • Balancing voice and power
  • The subtle art of interrupting
  • Inspiring vision in the people around you


Together we can revitalize our traditional values & teachings and bring them into our contemporary community settings in our offices, programs, policies. Let’s support one another to move towards healthy community patterns of lateral kindness and love.

Champions of Change is an immersive leadership workshop series in West Kelowna happening once a month from October 2019 to May 2020. Join us Monday November 18th!


Kelly Terbasket

IndigenEYEZ Program Director Kelly Terbasket has a contagious laugh, a talent for connecting people, and a passion for the power of community. With more than 20 years experience managing community projects, Kelly is known in First Nations throughout BC for her inspiring workshops on everything from team building to strategic planning to effective leadership. As a person of mixed heritage, Kelly has been bridging distinct worlds all her life, learning to weave together the strengths of her Syilx and European ancestry.


With additional facilitation support from:
Kim Haxton, Deb Crow, Allan Thomas Lindley, and Bill Cohen


Westbank First Nation Health and Wellness Building: The Siya Room
1900 Quail Lane, West Kelowna

2019: Nov 18th, Dec 6th,
2020: Jan 17th, Feb 21st, March 16th, March 17th, April 17th

The last two sessions which will happen on two consecutive days in May, where we will go out on the land. Dates and location TBD. Sign up for one—or for all remaining workshops!

9:00 am – 4:30 pm

$150/per workshop
Lunch will be provided for each session, with gluten-free and vegetarian options.

Register Online

contact Anni Phillips at or 250-328-9634