In the Classroom

kinSHIFT in the Classroom

Online starting Sept 27, 2022—This year-long decolonization journey is for educators and schools. kinSHIFT in the Classroom is a proactive way to respond to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and its Calls to Action. Over the course of this journey, educators will build a toolkit of strategies and resources to meaningfully and appropriately take real […]

13 Moons

13 Moons: Indigenous Women+ Leadership Program

Online starting Sept 27, 2022—All Indigenous women+ are invited to participate in this leadership program during the fall and winter moons! 13 Moons brings women+ together to honour our roles and identities and cultivate our capacity for making the changes we want to see in our communities.  These sessions are a unique integration of profound […]

Engage Community

Spark Creative Facilitation Training

Online starting Sept 21, 2022—SPARK is for Indigenous peoples wanting to engage, inspire, and mobilize youth and communities using practices rooted in Indigenous principles and the creative arts.  This simple and powerful facilitation training series teaches tools to decolonize, break down barriers, and unite groups. We offer two different workshops in the SPARK series. You […]

KinSHIFT for allies

Aug 31, 2021—Kelowna, BC: IndigenEYEZ co-founder Kelly Terbasket launched kinSHIFT on May 6, 2021. Formed after two decades of working with Indigenous organizations, Kelly saw a distinct need arise for workshops tailored to support non-Indigenous allies.   Helping settlers to engage with Indigenous Peoples in a respectful way “I’ve always felt the divide between cultures […]


July 22, 2021—Kelowna, BC: Starting in August! Want to foster cultural safety and reconciliation in the classroom? If you are a school teacher or Aboriginal support worker, join us for RESPECT: Fostering Reconciliation in the Classroom. This course will support you with implementing the new curriculum and the First Peoples Principles of Learning. This experiential training […]

Touch the Earth

July 13, 2021—Kelowna, BC: Starting soon! Join us for a powerful 5-day course to increase your ability to work with Indigenous youth. Touch the Earth: Learn to create powerful land-based experiences. Leave with tools to get the attention of youth, keep them engaged, and energize your community programs. Register today! This Indigenous-led course is for […]

13 Moons

May 31, 2021—Penticton, BC: Re-centering Women* Through 13 Moons is a program for Indigenous women seeking to awaken a strengthened sense of equity, pride, and belonging. *We use an inclusive definition of woman. If you are Two-Spirit, Indigiqueer, transgender or non-binary, and see yourself as either fully, partially or sometimes female-identified and feel you would […]

Elements of Truth

May 11, 2021—Kelowna, BC: Over the past few years IndigenEYEZ has recognized that conversations around social justice, equity and truth require delicate care and deft planning. We are all collectively working together towards a better future and thus we need safer spaces to do this work, spaces that are ally-focused, and spaces that are Indigenous […]

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SPARK: Creative Facilitation Training
Starts: Sept 21, 2022
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13 Moons
Starts: Sept 27, 2022
Location: Zoom

kinSHIFT in the Classroom
Starts: Sept 27, 2022
Location: Zoom

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I loved the workshop! It was very powerful and a whole lot of fun. I felt safe and really heard. I have done a lot of healing work already, but this process took it to a whole other level. I was authentically expressing myself in front of other Indigenous people who totally understood my pain; it was very validating to say the least. I made good connections and I look forward to the next module!!

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