Champions of Change


Mar 7, 2019—Penticton, BC: So what is self-care anyway? Netflix? A chocolate bar? Coffee with a friend? Join us March 15th for Champions of Change to find out more about self-care and why it’s so important for everyone working in First Nations communities.

During our last session we did arts-based activities focusing on neuro-decolonization and lateral liberation. Led by much-loved facilitator Deb Crow, attendees moved through this topic with a game called Cranky.

The creation of a Cranky is a whole-group art activity that helps develop group cohesion and shared vision. It’s a good way to open up discussion on a theme and express our visions of a shared future. In this particular exercise, the theme was how would you bring lateral liberation to your community?


What were the highlights?

“Wonderful facilitation – it was fun and memorable.”

“I’m leaving with inspiration and hope.”

“After experiencing this, I will look at things with a different perspective.”

“Singing made it warm and fuzzy.”

“I learned that feeling and connecting to others is key to creating a space of understanding.”

“I will remember to greet every situation with an open mind: no assumptions.”

“I will remember, ‘You can’t always believe what you think.'”

“I’m walking away with new ways to safely connect with fearful students.”

“The activities I learned today will be incorporated into the programming at the residential treatment centre I work at.”


During Session 6 on March 15th, we will be learning how to strengthen our self-care. This will include:

• Learning about the self-care journey
• Connecting to and expanding our SPARK
• Discovering the mental blocks that prevent us from self-care
• Creating personalized ‘rituals’ that are realistic daily steps to fill our own cups

Like all Champions of Change sessions, we focus on the needs and priorities that arise from the group assembled – so the topics covered in the sessions are both responsive and fluid.

There are only 3 more sessions!

You can still jump in at any point in the journey and benefit deeply.



Shatford Center – 760 Main St, Penticton BC

2019 DATES:
Mar 15, Apr 5, Apr 26
Sign up for one—or for all remaining workshops!

9 am – 4:30 pm

$125/per workshop
Lunch will be provided for each session, with gluten-free and vegetarian options.


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contact Anni Phillips at or 250-328-9634