Healing Trauma


Jul 6, 2016—Langley WA:  Healing Trauma with Joy and Connection

IndigneEYEZ is “one of the most powerful applications of our Creative Community Model that we’ve seen.”

It’s amazing to have mentors. We are grateful to Partners for Youth Empowerment (PYE) for this awesome article about us! PYE is an inspiration and we have benefited greatly from their support.


UPDATE! A woman whose life was changed by a summer camp many years ago has just donated $650 to send a youth to our camp next week! She told IndigenEYEZ that she was on a dark path until a summer camp changed her life for the better. She was only there because someone else had paid her way. Now she is returning the favor. With her astoundingly generous donation, another BC youth will receive the tools they need to succeed!

What are these tools? Actress Michelle Thrush explains: