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smiling boy rszOur camps provide a learning experience that brings creativity and the arts together with culture and on-the-land activities. Our facilitators are trained to create a safe and welcoming space for all participants. Building a strong sense of community is central to our program. Participants leave with new friends and mentors who can support them in these formative years.

Are you an Indigenous youth ages 14-18?

We’d love to have you join us at our annual summer camp. Together we find new inspiration, we support you to engage deeper with your life, and we give you the tools to continue to grow with motivation and positivity. When’s our next camp? Check our home page for the latest news, our Facebook page, sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest news.

We also offer youth camps tailored to community needs, as well as customized youth workshops (½ to 2 days).

Spend a week in a community where everyone supports you to grow in ways you never thought possible. Learn amazing things about yourself and others. Develop confidence in your own voice and abilities. Spend time on the land. Explore your cultural roots. Find the motivation to follow your dreams.


  • First and foremost—have fun together!
  • Connect deeply with other youth and adults
  • Explore Indigenous worldviews and support a positive identity
  • Learn skills like collaboration, goal setting, conflict resolution, and reflection
  • Explore the world, find your voice, and engage in constructive self-expression
  • Develop a sense of purpose and become a leader in your own community

Our camp provides a compassionate and encouraging environment where teenagers thrive. Each participant is shown respect and supported to be their best selves.


What did you learn?

“People are there for you even when you feel alone.”

“It’s amazing to learn new things.”

“It’s okay to be silly.”

“I learned to be more open with people.”

“I learned how to flush the negativity out of my head.”

“I learned how to accept a compliment.”

“I learned to ground myself instead of hiding my emotions and stewing in them until I overflow. I will honor my feelings and know that it’s okay to share when you’re hurting.”

How will your life be different?

“I have more confidence than before.”

“I’m less shy to talk to people now.”

“I will try new experiences.”

“I am not going to let anyone stop me from learning my culture.”

“This will change my life because I will step out of my comfort zone more.”

“I will treat the land better and be more aware of what is happening to it.”

“This camp has given me the motivation to learn the language and get involved with my culture.”


A parent is blown away

  • “My 17-year-old is the silent type. I couldn’t believe it when he came back from camp and talked for two hours! He was so focused and specific about the steps he wanted to take to reach his goals. He shared some of his needs for support and identified how I could help. It was an amazing blessing.”

Facilitators see lives changed

  • “The youth seemed to really unify, come together, and leave the loneliness behind.”

  • “This camp has done a lot of good for our youth. It has built up their self confidence to meet new people and talk—even in large groups.”

  • “Every youth in my group spoke about how much more proud they are about their culture from this week.”

  • “I had the honor of witnessing youth break out of their shells and express their true selves. At first the youth in my group did not speak up or share, but as the days and activities progressed, so did their hearts. They become so open and eager to share their experiences. Even the most quiet ones stepped up.”

  • “I saw the youth share their traditional songs among peers and speak more in their language. I felt the youth become more aware of the land and their responsibility.”

  • “It seems that this camp has lit the fire of learning, creativity, heart connection, land connection, and cultural connection for so many of us.”

  • “At first the kids stuck to their friends and refused to make eye contact with anyone… But soon these kids from different communities turned from nervous and withdrawn individuals into a confident group of cohesive friends. The momentum and enthusiasm keep building. The youth were so supportive of one another. It was beautiful to watch how they relaxed and opened up in that environment of trust and acceptance.”

Watch highlights from our first summer youth camp • Kelowna, BC • August 10-14, 2015

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Starts: Sept 27, 2022
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I loved the workshop! It was very powerful and a whole lot of fun. I felt safe and really heard. I have done a lot of healing work already, but this process took it to a whole other level. I was authentically expressing myself in front of other Indigenous people who totally understood my pain; it was very validating to say the least. I made good connections and I look forward to the next module!!

Leadership Essentials Participant

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