Youth Empowerment



>    Conferences and youth forums
>    Custom Workshops:  
            • Building confidence
            • Strengthening pride in heritage
            • Knowing ourselves
            • Expressing ourselves
            • Strengthening our voices
            • Public speaking
            • Creative team building
>    Weekend camps
>    Seven-day camps
>    Already doing your own camp? Bring one of our facilitators in to enhance your program.


Our 7-day youth camps are transformative learning experiences. Our programs are based in a potent blend of the arts, the land, local cultures and languages, and intergenerational connections. We carefully create a safe environment, then encourage youth to take creative risks and discover new skills and passions. We support them to respect and learn from one another. Youth gain confidence in their ability to engage the issues in their lives and begin to truly stand in their own power.


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Our facilitators have learned specific coaching techniques and trained in arts-based processes that help youth speak up and share their ideas, feelings, and concerns. We use community building techniques that get youth out of their shells and connecting with new people. Our lives are about relationships: with our selves, with others, with land, and with culture. Our programs support youth to explore all of these while creating a strong feeling of family and community. We engage in dialogue about important topics like what kind of world we want – and how our historical context as Indigenous people affects our lives today.

Our facilitators witness youth step into their strengths. Shy kids find their voice. Tough kids find their inner poet. Our programs situate Indigenous youth so that they are more likely to continue their education, find employment, and make positive contributions to their communities.


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Touch the Earth
Date: July 27 - Sept 10, 2020
Location: Zoom and On-the-land

Date: Aug 16 - Sept 13, 2020
Location: Zoom and In-the-classroom

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I liked learning to listen for celebration, and hearing the desires in complaints – it was so awesome to know about. I liked learning about how much silent processing is going on, and how it continues after.

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