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limləmpt – Thank you for your interest! IndigenEYEZ works with organizations and communities over the long-term to help foster positive change among Indigenous people in BC and beyond. We offer fee-for-service trainings geared to the needs of leaders and frontline workers in First Nations communities, as well as other organizations serving Indigenous clients. We offer several options:


OPTION 1 – Schedule a Signature Workshops

An ideal way to experience the core offerings of IndigenEYEZ is through our Signature Workshops. These pre-built workshops can be adapted to meet your needs: run 2-to-10 days in length, bundled however you like, and delivered weekdays or weekends.


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OPTION 2 – Book an IndigenEYEZ facilitator

Need a facilitator for your own event? Our network of facilitators can support conferences, camps, or workshops. Contracting with one of our facilitators directly is your most cost-effective option. If you want us to arrange a facilitator for you, then there is a 30% fee on top of the facilitation costs to cover the time of our office team.


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Work With Us

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During the workshop a woman, an elder, expressed herself with teary eyes about empathizing with the children she worked with. It was real, raw and vulnerable. So powerful!! This work is amazingly healing.

AHS Edmonton Participant

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