Signature Workshop: Truth and ReconciliACTION

The TRC urged all Canadians to work together to make the changes needed for reconciliation. The Calls to Action challenge Canadians to change perspectives and policies at every level, to confront hidden biases, and to address power imbalances.


IndigenEYEZ works with those who wish to cultivate right relations but are unsure where to begin. Our Truth and ReconciliACTION workshops share tools to respond to the Calls to Action. We work with government, organizations, and community groups in many sectors. Our role is not to give the answers, but rather to help you find the best path forward.
• Understand the impacts of colonization.
• Learn the fundamentals of ally-ship.
• Engage more meaningfully with Indigenous peoples.


IndigenEYEZ creates a safe container so that Indigenous members of your organization can also join the conversation, enhance their skills for navigating these discussions, and help energize organizational change.


IndigenEYEZ is not just about sharing facts. We target the human dimension of change. We share tools for developing healthier relationships – with our shared histories and with one another. We help participants unpack the realities of power and privilege and see how they impact program design and service delivery. Everyone in the room gains tools to better tackle these important conversations. We acknowledge that it requires bold and courageous steps for organizations to begin to change the infrastructures that have disadvantaged Indigenous people. This is not a one-time thing—it is the beginning of a journey.


• Learn the Indigenous history of Canada.
• Understand intergenerational trauma.
• Connect the dots from the past injustices to present challenges facing Indigenous people.
• Gain a refreshed perspective.
• Ally-Ship 101: Self awareness about social location and identities.
• Find unconscious biases.
• Increase comfort with diversity.
• Increase active listening skills and being present with other people’s truths.
• Step out of the FOG – fear, obligation, and guilt.


Safe and Inclusive: As Indigenous facilitators, we create a holistic pedagogical experience using story, land-based learning, and traditional teachings. Our approach can be adapted to many situations in order to increase trust and safety so that discussions are inclusive.

Trust is Key: We specialize in building trust, a central point of leverage that creates the healthy connections that build social capital – both within Indigenous communities and between our peoples and other Canadians.


We can structure our programs to extend over time: i.e. 1 day per month for 3 months, or 10 sessions over 10 weeks. We are skilled at tailoring our programs to optimize outcomes.

Additional Cost Considerations

1) Group Size

Our facilitators are trained to work with groups of up to 20.

• For groups over 20, expect to pay an additional facilitator.
• For groups over 40, expect to pay for 2 additional facilitators.

2) Travel and Accommodations

• Travel and Accommodations costs are extra.




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Youth need to laugh, be light-hearted, feel, not be afraid to make noise, safely break and make rules, use their leadership skills. All of the exercises in this training do exactly that.

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