Hollyhock 2016

Oct 4, 2016—Cortes Island, BC: This past summer IndigenEYEZ hosted an introspective 5-day leadership training at Hollyhock. Community leaders from around BC attended and found a renewed connection to the land, to inner healing, to self-awareness, and to holistic leadership.

Supported by the pristine beauty of the west coast, the training was co-facilitated by Kim Haxton & Kelly Terbasket. In the following clip, Kim talks about the goals of the training.

Over the course of the 5 days a mirror was placed in front of each of the participants so they could see themselves and how they navigate shared leadership, as well as the roles they normally take on in team dynamics. It was deep work – but also playful!  

A highlight workshop took place on the beach. Listen to program director Kelly Terbasket’s description:

A strong leader must be working on themselves first, constantly becoming aware of their own biases, beliefs, blocks, and what masks they wear.  One of the introspective tools used by IndigenEYEZ to become aware of these biases is visualization. Lead facilitator Kim Haxton explains:

Our latest series of leadership trainings runs this fall and winter. Join us! For more info, please contact our administrator Carrie Besko at Inspire@IndigenEYEZ.com

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IndigenEYEZ energized me: the facilitators lifted my spirits, they gave me a sense of belonging to my self, to aboriginal people, to our traditions, and to our culture. They empowered me to make changes in myself and step out of the box.

Mel - AHS Edmonton

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