Event Facilitation

IndigenEYEZ enhances events large and small:

  • Conferences
  • Forums
  • Workshops
  • Focus groups
  • Community development

We are engagement experts: We specialize in creating safe spaces where connections happen, dialogue goes deeper, and learning takes place.

We ground our work in Indigenous values: We use creative community methodologies that blend best practices in experiential learning, the expressive arts, and creative facilitation. As Indigenous facilitators, we create a holistic pedagogical experience using story, land-based learning, community-based examples, and traditional teachings. 

Across Sectors: We work with partners from many fields: health, wellness, education, social, environment, leadership, and administration.

Holistic Experiences: Research shows that when information is given to people as if they are empty vessels with nothing to contribute, the impact is minimal. Indigenous approaches to learning recognize that we learn and grow through holistic experiences. We need all parts of ourselves to be engaged so we can open our minds to new ways of thinking about the world. Creativity and using our imaginations helps us flex our innovation muscles.

Gatherings we have supported include:

  • Leadership incubators
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Parenting conferences
  • Job-readiness
  • Trauma-informed practice
  • Art in schools
  • Community focus groups

Tough Conversations: We use an interactive facilitation process that can be adapted to almost any situation in order to increase trust and safety so that discussions are inclusive and groups are able to talk openly, even about the hard stuff. As the saying goes: We can’t change the problems of today with the same thinking that went into making them!

Real Connection: IndigenEYEZ fosters a community feeling where people can take off their professional hats and build relationships, human being to human being. When events are interactive and engaging, participants are more likely to implement the learnings. We send participants home feeling connected to a group. They no longer feel alone in making changes – instead they leave with a strengthened network of peer support.

Options: Our flexibility allows us to play a range of roles at your event.

  • We can simply be added on to facilitate a keynote speaker
  • Or we can oversee the design and delivery of a multi-day, art-amplified conference
  • And we can do everything in between

Outcomes: Here’s what our partners tell us IndigenEYEZ does for their events.

  • Increase participation and deepen dialogue.
  • Support people to connect more authentically with one another and with the subject.
  • Send people home inspired, connected, and ready to take action.


To book us for your next conference contact Program Administrator Anni Phillips
at Inspire@IndigenEYEZ.com or call (250) 328-9634


“I will always remember one specific dialogue that IndigenEYEZ facilitated. The teams from IndigenEYEZ worked with the youth and with the elders to brainstorm what questions they wanted to ask of each other. Then, when everyone come together for the questions, the dialogue that unfolded was transformational.” 

—Monique Gray Smith, Author and keynote speaker, Aboriginal Headstart 20th Anniversary celebration


“The IndigenEYEZ team took our gathering beyond what we imagined possible. They met the diverse needs of all our guests – youths and Elders. Their flexible and fun facilitation kept everything flowing smoothly over 3 days with lots of laughter and love.”

Joan Gignac, organizer Aboriginal Headstart 20th Anniversary celebration


“Through our partnership with IndigenEYEZ, we have been able to do some amazing community development. The leadership, empathy, and motivating energy of the facilitators is remarkable.”

Wendy Kenward, Team Leader, Penticton & District Community Resources Society


“Our conference participants loved the energy. They loved stepping out of the box, having fun. And they loved the community feel IndigenEYEZ brought.”

Christy, Aboriginal Headstart Edmonton


“IndigenEYEZ kept the dialogue flowing and meaningful. The facilitators inspired with interactive approaches: questions and ice breakers, as well as theatre, small group work, and moderated discussions. They responded dynamically to the group, adjusting their approach as needed. We were impressed.”

Kim Bayer, organizer UBC Human Early Learning Partnership annual Aboriginal HELP Talks


“We held a harm reduction forum to engage youth in discussions about wellness. One young person came, hoodie covering their face, and isolated themselves from the group. The parent who dropped them off was really concerned about their child’s well being. Through playful creative activities, this youth slowly emerged and began to take part, but was still hesitant and quiet. In the afternoon, we broke into small groups. One group was a music mixing session. This youth not only came alive, but was singing, laughing, and joking around with the crew. It was a blissful sight and made me realize that sometimes we need to provide creative outlets rather than trying to “talk” it out with our youth.”

Wendy Kenward, Team Leader, Penticton & District Community Resources Society

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I loved the workshop! It was very powerful and a whole lot of fun. I felt safe and really heard. I have done a lot of healing work already, but this process took it to a whole other level. I was authentically expressing myself in front of other Indigenous people who totally understood my pain; it was very validating to say the least. I made good connections and I look forward to the next module!!

Leadership Essentials Participant

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