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Erika Doehring
Pronouns: she/hers



Port Moody, BC

Work Experience: CV.pdf


Erika Doehring is a proud Gwich’in granddaughter and is constantly on a journey of discovering her culture and connecting to her story. She has always danced to her own drum, and resisted conformity by following her heart. This is something that she brings to her style of facilitation, using authentic understanding to foster meaningful connection and discussion in the space.



Painting, writing and performance art has been a tool for Erika to overcome trauma and consistently rediscover herself. Erika says, “Painting is how I show myself to the world. Writing is how I reveal myself to me. Art was not something I just learned, it was a gift that I was given and it has been my honour to hone my craft and use it to create magical spaces for transformation.”

Erika now spends most of her time creating artwork and facilitating groups to step into their own form and style of creation.

“Thank you for all you did at camp Erika. You are one of the most generous, giving, dedicated people I know. The heart and soul you put into making the experience of camp life changing for young people is palpable. The art barn became such a healing, safe, welcoming heart of the camp, and you are a big-big part of why I adore working with you and hope that we can create many, many more opportunities to do so together.”

– Helena Hennighausen (US Director, Partners in Youth Empowerment)

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