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We offer 3 different options to best meet your workshop needs.

OPTION 1 – Contract an IndigenEYEZ facilitator directly

If you need a facilitator for a one-time workshop or conference, this option is ideal. Our skilled network of Indigenous facilitators are all trained in creative empowerment methodologies with a diverse range of skills, experience, and artistic backgrounds. Their fees range from $600/day to $1200/day depending on your needs and their experience level. This option allows you to find which facilitators are available and best fit your needs. Together with the facilitator, you can identify the outcomes and contract terms. Please note that when you take this route, the contract is between you and the facilitator. IndigenEYEZ bears no contractual obligation or responsibility for the deliverables or outcomes. 


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OPTION 2 – Bring in our Signature Workshops

Our signature workshops are an ideal way to experience the core offerings of IndigenEYEZ whether you are a community, a Nation, or an organization. These workshops are created around themes that are central to effective leadership and community well-being. This option is cost effective and ready for quick implementation. Course materials are based on our experience delivering a wide-range of workshops in Indigenous settings over the past 5 years. Our facilitators are trained and ready to share these high-impact workshops with you.


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OPTION 3 – Create Custom Workshops

This option is suited to organizations with a substantial budget and a commitment to invest in the skills development of their staff. The costs for this option are higher. This is deep work that we undertake in a collaborative manner. With our custom workshops, IndigenEYEZ consults with you to understand your audience, the outcomes you want, potential topics, and optimal modes of delivery. Together we co-create a product that meets your specific needs and objectives.


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I was surprised to discover how I felt awkward at first when doing improv and other approaches. I was therefore surprised and impressed to notice how quickly the IndigenEYEZ techniques worked to melt away my resistance.

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