DRAFT – IndigenEYEZ Signature Workshops

In our work with Indigenous communities across BC, we have identified 6 core leadership and well-being topics that are relevant to many organizations and Nations. Course materials have been developed and facilitators are trained and ready to deliver these high-impact workshops, making this option cost-effective and streamlined to deploy quickly and efficiently. Bring us in to deliver one of our Signature Workshops and discover the tried-and-true IndigenEYEZ experience.


What are our 6 Signature Workshops?



IndigenEYEZ works with those who wish to cultivate right relations but are unsure where to begin. Our Truth and ReconciliACTION workshop shares tools to respond to the Calls to Action. We work with government, organizations, and community groups in many sectors. Our role is not to give the answers, but rather to help you find the best path forward.

Approx. __?__ days __?__ $
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This program focuses on leadership tools to facilitate community transformation. It is a holistic, dynamic learning experience spread over 8 sessions and is focused on systemic change, and showing participants how to create safe spaces for community building. Because we use a coach approach, we focus on the needs and priorities that arise from the specific group assembled for each workshop – so the topics covered in the sessions are both responsive and fluid.

Approx. __?__ days __?__ $

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3) Bills Workshops
(more detail – 1 or 2 line description)

4) De-stigmatizing mental health with emotional literacy and language
(more detail – 1 or 2 line description)

5) Gender retreats (mens, women’s, LBGTQ2)
(more detail – 1 or 2 line description)

6) Team Building / Difficult conversations
(more detail – 1 or 2 line description)


Cost Considerations

1) Group Size

Our facilitators are trained to work with groups of up to 20.

• For groups over 20, add $___ for an additional facilitator.
For groups over 40, add $___ for two additional facilitators.

2) Travel

Travel costs are extra.
• Travel: $___/100kms (ferry cost additional)
• Accommodations (Hotel): $___/night per facilitator
• Meals: $___/day per facilitator (minus meals provided by the client)

3) Discounts

Are you an under-funded, grassroots not-for-profit?
You can request a ____% discount on workshop fees (but not for travel, accommodations, meals, etc.)

4) Additional

• Rates are negotiable if necessary
• In kind exchanges can be considered
• Invoices will show discount
• Applicable taxes (GST/HST) will be applied
• Rates are subject to change for any reason


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Touch the Earth
Date: July 27 - Sept 10, 2020
Location: Zoom and On-the-land

Date: Aug 16 - Sept 13, 2020
Location: Zoom and In-the-classroom

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Never have I seen so many adults in one room with their inner child and creative spirit out to play. It was a true gift to see our youth and elders joined together in that place of play and imagination.

AHS Edmonton Participant

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