DRAFT – Signature Workshops 2020 ver2

In our work with Indigenous communities across BC, we have identified the core leadership and well-being topics that are relevant to many organizations and Nations.

Course materials have been developed and facilitators are trained and ready to deliver these high-impact workshops. Bring us in to deliver one of our Signature Workshops and discover the tried-and-true IndigenEYEZ experience.


An understanding of who we are and what we know is essential to moving forward. This one day workshop will expand your organizations literacy of indigenous peoples and build your teams capacity to establish respectful cross-cultural relationships. This is not your typical workshop; stories and creative activities will engage and inspire you. Read more.


This program focuses on leadership tools to facilitate community transformation. It is a holistic, dynamic learning experience spread over 10 sessions and is focused on systemic change, and showing participants how to create safe spaces for community building. Because we use a coach approach, we focus on the needs and priorities that arise from the specific group assembled for each workshop – so the topics covered in the sessions are both responsive and fluid. Read more.


IndigenEYEZ works with those who wish to cultivate right relations but are unsure where to begin. Our Truth and ReconciliACTION workshop shares tools to respond to the Calls to Action. We work with government, organizations, and community groups in many sectors. Our role is not to give the answers, but rather to help you find the best path forward. Read more.


Create a learning environment that infuses Indigenous knowledge and pedagogy into your curriculum and classroom. Create equitable classroom dynamics using greater understanding of cross-cultural and intersectional power dynamics. Create culturally safer learning spaces so students emerge into their full potential – Create more harmony, respect, and connection in your classroom. Read more.


Creating cultural safety is a critical skill for leadership. Without cultural safety, diversity is not truly inclusivity. IndigenEYEZ offers cultural safety trainings that can be customized in length from one to five days. They are for any organization working towards reconciliation and societal transformation by creating safer spaces for Indigenous team members, students, or clients. Read more.


This summer training is for university students running summer youth programs or staff and community members who deliver youth programs, land-based activities, and camps. The purpose is to build the engagement skills of frontline workers and equip communities to deliver empowering programs for youth and families. Read more.



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Touch the Earth
Date: July 27 - Sept 10, 2020
Location: Zoom and On-the-land

Date: Aug 16 - Sept 13, 2020
Location: Zoom and In-the-classroom

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During the workshop a woman, an elder, expressed herself with teary eyes about empathizing with the children she worked with. It was real, raw and vulnerable. So powerful!! This work is amazingly healing.

AHS Edmonton Participant

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