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Nov 6th, 2018— Whidbey Island, WA: Congratulations to IndigenEYEZ co-founder Kelly Terbasket who was recently asked, and voted-in, to become the newest member of the Partners For Youth Empowerment board of directors!

The Partners For Youth Empowerment board retreat on Whidbey Island this past summer was revitalizing, inspiring, and deeply affirmed that IndigenEYEZ is part of the larger global network that utilize the methodologies of the Creative Empowerment Model.

Fostering trust and safety, this openly shared facilitation tool created by Partners For Youth Empowerment has the potential to breath life into the fabric of community, relationships, and organizations.


What is Partners For Youth Empowerment?

Started by Peggy Taylor and the late Charlie Murphy in 1996, the mission of Partners for Youth Empowerment is to unleash the power, purpose, and potential of young people worldwide.


Partners For Youth Empowerment offers training around the world to deepen the impact of youth programs, classrooms, workplaces and other group environments. Trainings take place in North America, as well as South Africa, Uganda, India, the UK, Brazil, Greece, and a growing number of locales around the world.

At the heart of these training’s is Partners For Youth Empowerment’s Creative Empowerment Model, a framework of arts empowerment practices and leading-edge group facilitation tools.


What is the Creative Empowerment Model?

By embracing positive risk-taking and free creative expression, youth and adults alike open up to new possibilities. With arts-based practices and leading-edge group facilitation strategies, the Creative Empowerment Model cultivates environments in which people can realize their potential.

Research shows that creative expression—in a supportive setting—nurtures qualities like empathy, teamwork, and problem solving, while also fostering joy, hope, and the desire for a meaningful life. Whether ongoing or temporary, Creative Communities change the lives of participants.


What’s the connection to IndigenEYEZ?

The leadership team of IndigenEYEZ has adapted this Creative Empowerment Model especially for First Nations. IndigenEYEZ is a unique and powerful coming together of the Creative Empowerment Methodology, Rediscovery Methodology, and Indigenous Pedagogy. To learn more about the coming together of these three methodologies visit our history page. 

Together, these methodologies create a specific container for Indigenous learning that leads to individual and group empowerment through self-expression, pride, knowing one’s gifts, self-advocacy, and responsibility to community.


Transitions and Growth

The Partners For Youth Empowerment Board is going through transition of new members and chair, implementing a new strategic plan after the huge loss of co-founder and facilitation leader Charlie Murphy to ALS. Charlie Murphy, musician and youth mentor, died on August 6, 2016, aged 63; the evening of the last day of the 20th anniversary Power of Hope Camp on Whidbey Island.

With these transitions in leadership IndigenEYEZ is also redefining our focus, becoming crystal clear on our purpose, and what is our main offering is: to support, train and sustain our future Indigenous leaders who live in traditional values, who remember the responsibilities passed down to us from our ancestors. snux silyx.

“I’m honoured to be on the Partners For Youth Empowerment board. Not only does it feel good to give back who has generously given to IndigenEYEZ, but something I want everyone to know is that Partners For Youth Empowerment does not have copyright on their Model. They don’t expect IndigenEYEZ (or anyone) to pay them to utilize the methodologies they’ve shared with us. Their mission is to share these methodologies simply because they believe they’re impact full and they know it works. They expect nothing back for sharing they’re resources, or their mentorship. The fact that they asked me to sit on their board, not only am I honoured, but I’m so grateful to give back to them.”
– Kelly Terbasket , IndigenEYEZ co-founder and Partners For Youth Empowerment Board Member

Partners For Youth Empowerment Board Members Chair:
Deepa Narayan
Goa, India / Cortes Island, British Columbia, Canada

Board Members:
Ian Watson
London, England

Peggy Taylor
Seattle, WA

Nick Weeks
London, England

Vishal Talreja
Bangalore, India

Peter Evans
Pacific Northwest

Maurits Schouten
London, England

Charles D. Terry, JD
Langley, Washington

Lynne Twist
San Francisco, California, USA

Peter Mortifee
Vancouver, BC, Canada

To learn more about each member,visit: http://www.partnersforyouth.org/about/#people

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IndigenEYEZ energized me: the facilitators lifted my spirits, they gave me a sense of belonging to my self, to aboriginal people, to our traditions, and to our culture. They empowered me to make changes in myself and step out of the box.

Mel - AHS Edmonton

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