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Jan 14, 2020—West Kelowna, BC: IndigenEYEZ is excited for the New Year and to continue with our Champions of Change series!

“There are a lot of hurdles/barriers inherent to bringing people together for authentic sharing/growing.” – 2019 participant

This innovative coaching and leadership training series will give you tools to more effectively reach your goals and foster the changes you are striving for—whether you’re working with children, youth, families, health, natural resources, education or employment.


Are you a Health Program Manager? During Champions of Change you will learn how to build and maintain positive uplifting teams, and strengthen your leadership skills.

Are you a Frontline Worker? Champions of Change will give you a new set of tools to address challenging relationships, increasing engagement, and motivate your community.

Join us for any—or all—of these remaining sessions in 2020 to strengthen your connection to yourself, to others, and to the land and water:


2019 Participant Feedback:

“What I learned will help me to connect to
each member of the group I’m facilitating.”

“This work is not academic but community-focused,
and intends to support all folks interested in indigeneyezing.”

“Kelly is a fantastic facilitator – really warm, humorous, relaxed,
fun-loving, supportive – and very clear.”


“Thank you Kelly and Anni for the amazing IndigenEYEZ workshop! I left feeling empowered and uplifted. I really appreciated the positive strengths-based approach. The attention to detail was very noticeable – from the delicious food, to the creative trading cards. The community building activities were powerful! Thank you so much! Limlemt!”

During Session Four we will share Syilx concepts and stories illustrating traditional values such as kindness, respect, and patience. Deep empathetic listening and strength-based communication are some of the teachings that will support us to enhance existing relationships and navigate challenging ones. Coaching processes are used to provide peer support for taking bold steps into leadership.

Because we use a coach approach, we focus on the needs and priorities that arise from the specific group assembled for each workshop – so the topics covered in the sessions are both responsive and fluid. You can jump in at any point in the journey and still benefit deeply – whether you take one or all of the workshops.


Facilitated by Program Director Kelly Terbasket



IndigenEYEZ Program Director Kelly Terbasket has a contagious laugh, a talent for connecting people, and a passion for the power of community. With more than 20 years experience managing community projects, Kelly is known in First Nations throughout BC for her inspiring workshops on everything from team building to strategic planning to effective leadership. As a person of mixed heritage, Kelly has been bridging distinct worlds all her life, learning to weave together the strengths of her Syilx and European ancestry.


With additional facilitation support from:
 Kim Haxton, Deb Crow, Allan Thomas Lindley, and Bill Cohen 


Westbank First Nation Health and Wellness Building: The Siya Room
1900 Quail Lane, West Kelowna

2020: Jan 17th, Feb 21st, March 16th, March 17th, April 17th

The last two sessions which will happen on two consecutive days in May, where we will go out on the land. Dates and location TBD. Sign up for one—or for all 10 workshops!

9:00 am – 4:30 pm

$150/per workshop (25% discount if you pre-register for all 10 sessions)

Lunch will be provided for each session, with gluten-free and vegetarian options.


Register Online


contact Anni Phillips at inspire@IndigenEYEZ.com or 250-328-9634


This empowering workshop series held in West Kelowna continues once a month until May 2020. What will the remaining workshops offer? Here’s a quick overview:

Feb 21st: Leadership Styles  In this third module we draw upon coaching methodologies and creative empowerment to foster a community of learners who lift one another up. The captikwl stories teach us that each of us has different leadership styles, and we need all types to make the best decisions and best plans possible.

April 17th: Authentic Connection  Coyote teaches us to learn from our mistakes and Fox reminds us about unconditional love. Through interactive processes we gain perspective and begin to identify the masks, triggers, and patterns that stand in the way of deeper, more authentic connections with others.

March 16th: Guiding Change In this module, traditional and contemporary models for change are explored. We discuss the changes we want to foster in our communities and classrooms. We share tools for “ritualizing into practice” our new habits and healthy patterns. We teach how to build containers for courageous conversations.

March 17th: Uniting Generations The impacts of colonization and the meaning of truth and reconciliation will be explored as we identify the next steps forward in our journey—both individually and collectively. We will ask: What fosters change in community? And how do we unite our people across the generations when the divides are deep and complex between families, sectors, and age groups?

Dates & Locations in May 2020 Session 9 & 10 TBD: Connection to Land and Culture These final sessions lead us outdoors to strengthen our relationship to the land and ancestors. Land-based activities from the Rediscovery program are utilized to support participants in opening your senses and remembering the healing aspects of simply being connected to nature. Sharing of traditional teachings and concepts is the focus of this module.


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Never have I seen so many adults in one room with their inner child and creative spirit out to play. It was a true gift to see our youth and elders joined together in that place of play and imagination.

AHS Edmonton Participant

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