IndigenEYEZ is proud to share with you the full interview we recorded with BC’s Grand Chief Stewart Phillip and his wife Joan Phillip at our youth camp in in Kelowna BC, Aug 10th – 14th 2015. This interview was conducted by IndigenEYEZ Program Director Kelly Terbasket and camp videographer Freddie Lane on Aug 13th 2015.


On Aug 13th 2015 we had the honour of having Grand Chief Stewart Phillip join us in our gratitude circle, and speak directly to indigenous youth from across western Canada. Because we found his speech both insightful and inspiring, we thought we would share it with the greater IndigenEYEZ community. We apologize for the poor quality, however, please allow the setting to speak it’s unique voice as well.

Sit back, close your eyes, and imagine standing in a gratitude circle, surrounded by the presence, colour and smell of pine trees, the clarifying rush and tone of the flowing river water, off in the distance, imagine being nestled in a shaded valley, surrounded by high hills, and inside a transformative process: a speaking circle with over 70 indigenous youth from the ages of 14-16, all open and fully receiving the words of Grand Chief Stewart Phillip.


This past fall Program Director Kelly Terbasket had a chance to speak with longtime youth camp participant, and first time camp facilitator, Colin Beans, about the positive impacts he saw arise at our 2015 summer youth camps. Kelly and Colin cover topics such as building confidence, overcoming fear, sharing community, making new life-long friends, and the health benefits of physical activity. With this interview you will get a deeper sense of the fluid nature of our youth camps, as well as the strengths, intentions, and gifts of our camp leaders.


Here Kelly Terbasket speaks with Cindy Charleyboy about the impact the Williams Lake Youth Camp had on her teenage son. This interview will give you a greater sense of the level of personal transformation that was ignited within one youth. As you’ll hear, these inner transformations include a greater emotional awareness, the ability to articulate inner needs and request support, as well as the knowledge of personal goal setting and a greater sense of life’s possibilities. Listen – and be inspired! 

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The format was engaging and the speakers were diverse. The multitude of opportunities to discuss with the people at your table proved quite valuable.

siwłkʷ Water Conference Participant

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